Rick Kuenzler is an actively performing guitarist, singer, and Nashville Songwriters Association, Inc. member who became affiliated with Rogers Foundation of Music in 2016.

Having received only three years of guitar instruction in the 1970's, Rick went on to learn for himself how to play many genres of music, including folk, bluegrass, country, rock and roll, and even metal. He has even had the opportunity to perform with friends and Nashville artists Virgil Balmer and Phil Valdez. But not being satisfied with just "sounding good", Rick wanted to learn music and how it was made to expand his abilities.
The teachings of The Five Laws and The Five Laws Toolbox revolutionized his playing, added improv jazz to his already diverse experience of genres, and ignited a passion that led to an offer by Phil Rogers and Connie Whitlock to consider becoming a partner and instructor at RFM, LLC. Rick accepted, and as the old saying goes, The rest is history!