Welcome to the Five Laws of Music. Whether you are 5 or 95, this music curriculum will teach you how to speak the language of music.  Within this website, there are two core courses, the Five Laws of Music and the Five Laws of Music Toolbox, both which help lay a foundation for any music student as they learn an instrument including vocal, and/or move into composition/songwriting in all genres.

You will begin by memorizing and chanting terms you at first won’t understand, keep repeating everyday, and soon they will become part of your language. Eventually, you will be introduced to the logic of the information you are memorizing.  Sometimes, you will just suddenly understand what the terms mean on your own.  It is a language and you will develop your understanding like you developed your own language that you speak. The last stage is using what you have learned to create music. You will be able to take everything you learned and apply it to playing and writing.

For those wanting to learn an instrument, we have some piano and guitar videos started along with some jazz studies. We are on the journey of completing the first section of these by the end of 2019. Our vision and hope is to add more and more instruments as our site matures. 

Being a musician is a life walk and a gift. Keep working on your craft and enjoy speaking one of the most wonderful languages on the earth, music!


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