Rogers Foundation of Music learning method was founded by Phil Rogers over the last four decades.  This study of music takes on the instruction of music as a language.  It will take a student down the road of parrot copy, to logic, and then to the creative.  In the beginning, students will embark on many different ways of memorizing the language that makes up the art of music, then come into an understanding of what this language means, culminating into the creation of new music to introduce to the world.  As Phil Rogers studied how the music patriarch, Beethoven, taught his students, he realized that our general approach to teaching wasn't creating artists, but students that chased dots on the page or mimicked other creations without any understanding of how it was created, therefore limited musicians in their art.  Taking some insight from Bach and Beethoven, Phil has put together a method of learning music that is creating students that are excelling at music at an early age, because they are learning it as a language.  

Phil has also created methods for Jazz, Blues, Guitar, and other instruments and genres.  Take a life journey down the road of the language of music through The Rogers Foundation of Music.