Guitar | Bass Guitar | Keyboard/Piano | Drums | Vocal 


Classical Study | Gospel Study | Jazz Improv | Blues Improv | Songwriting | Music Theory | Orchestration | Composition | Arranging | Audio Recording (RFM uses Logic Pro) | MIDI Sequencing 

Private lessons here at RFM are of high quality and the school prides itself on teaching to the learning style of each student along with its thorough studies of the language of music RFM Curriculum. 

Fees - Lessons are generally between $20.00 to $30.00 per 1/2 hour per week depending on the instructor and class. Please inquire teacher for more specific rates. 

Students enjoy:
- The RFM method written by Phil Rogers 
- access to recording studios on their own time for the development of their craft. 
- online music learning program by RFM coming in 2018 

Concert Recitals scheduled once a year.